Get to know your “status” of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat. Healthy levels of cholesterol are an important part of a healthy body. Every part of your body uses cholesterol — it is the main component that covers all the cells in the body and is an important raw material for making hormones like insulin. It also helps in converting… Continue reading Get to know your “status” of Cholesterol

Reproductive Health · Treatment

Kick infertility out!

How does IVF work In Vitro Fertilization is a technique that offers a possible solution to infertility. It involves the fertilization of a female egg (ova) by a sperm in a laboratory before implanting it into the woman’s uterus (womb).The process sounds simple but in actual fact success rates are low and thus guarded optimism… Continue reading Kick infertility out!

Diseases of the Central Nervous System

You may be mentally ill

Well the title is a bit alarming, but it could be true. We normally equate mental illness with the mad man in the town centre who is unkempt, talking to himself and living off the street. Well this guy probably has a mental illness but this is in the extreme form. If I use the… Continue reading You may be mentally ill