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The nightmare of “Runner’s Knee”

I have been quite active since September 2011 following my many travels. I realised that as Nairobians we are literally couch & car "potatoes". We drive everywhere or hop onto a matatu/bus to take as short distances. My many travels inspired the post 'Have you seen FAT people walking?' and ever since I walk almost everywhere.… Continue reading The nightmare of “Runner’s Knee”


Hospital Capacity overload in Nairobi?

I moonlight at a nice hospital in Nairobi West from time to time. I have noted a trend since last year. The beds are perpetually full. The hospital is doing such good business that they are trying to find more space for beds! After talking to colleagues at the Nairobi Hospital and Aga Khan University… Continue reading Hospital Capacity overload in Nairobi?

Diseases of the Central Nervous System

You may be mentally ill

Well the title is a bit alarming, but it could be true. We normally equate mental illness with the mad man in the town centre who is unkempt, talking to himself and living off the street. Well this guy probably has a mental illness but this is in the extreme form. If I use the… Continue reading You may be mentally ill


Nyayo stadium and the Dislocated shoulder

Once in a while, I am accorded the opportunity to be a match Doctor at rugby test matches. I love these assignments because I tend to get the best seats in the filed right next to the touch line. This past weekend was no different as Kenya met the Zimbabwean Sables. I did not expect… Continue reading Nyayo stadium and the Dislocated shoulder