Delicate Balance: Too much PR?

My Doodles

How do you avoid your business being seen as purely PR (public relations driven) driven rather than adding value to clients.

I have experienced the power of telling your story. I have even had the opportunity where you tell your story and it matches your clients expectations. I have also been in situations where we build a great product and no one knows about it.

Balance is key. Again that seems to be an overarching theme in my quest to understand life and business.

Why balance?

Well, too much PR without a matching great customer experiences leads to mistrust of your brand. This affects future sales

Too much focus on a great product and customer experience without anyone knowing about it leads to a slow spread and growth which can damage your efforts to avoid burning through cash before the business is sustainable.

“Purists”,like me, and “showbiz guys” need to learn this balance to grow.

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