Do not compare yourself with others

Your hands are not even the same,so why compare yourself with others (image from google)

“Look at your hands!!!”Mzee Kiriamiti bellowed to us as we sat in a tiny cubicle in a restaurant.

This was on the back of a conversation where he and Mr M were telling us that our generation likes to show off a lot (though I think the same happened in his hey day with Afros and Bell bottoms with Platform shoes).He placed his dark hands palm to Palm like he was about to say a prayer (yikes!) and asked us to look closely at both hands( feels like we were children again). He began to point out(pun intended) that though the hands were from one body they were not alike. Totally different,yet from the same person. I also decided to analyse my finger anatomy. In addition to seeing that there was an anatomical difference I also noticed there were scars that developed over the years that were different in each hand. Mzee Kiriamiti ‘s conclusion was that we should not compare ourselves to other because we are not made the same. In addition to this I observed that also our life experiences make us different so comparisons are a big mistake especially if you long for the life of another . Mzee Kiriamiti’s final statement on this was to stop comparing ourselves to others and just live your life.

Even though this advice may seem obvious, it is a hard one to swallow. We are under a lot of pressure to perform, apeear successful, stay ahead of brokenness and also be admired by your peers. When you log into social media or read the papers you see your peers as being successful. That’s our hustle. That’s our struggle.

Be your own person.

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